Lily Allen performs at anti-Trump protest

Lily Allen performed a cover of Rufus Wainwright’s 2007 track ‘Going to a Town’, featuring a musical arrangement by Mark Ronson at Friday’s anti-inauguration protest outside the US Embassy, hosted by Stand Up To Racism and supported by Love Music Hate Racism.

Last weekend’s (20-21 Jan) demonstrations drew crowds of millions of protesters across the globe, with over 600 marches taking place. Marking the biggest day of global protest since the 2003 Iraq War demonstrations. As well as Lily Allen, numerous musicians, artists and public figures took part in the demonstrations, including; Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Madonna, Katy Perry and Michael Moore.

In a wider sense, the performances and support of major artists like Lily Allen signals that musicians are ready to take an active role in challenging racism, sexism and bigotry. This will be crucial in helping to build a movement capable of halting the rise of reactionary politics.