‘9:29’ a LMHR Tribute to George Floyd

Love Music Hate Racism formed a collective of musicians to perform an original piece of music, ‘9:29’. Nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds is the amount of time George Floyd’s murder took place for the whole world to see through the eyes of a courageous witness, Darnella Frazier, who filmed in horror at the scene on her cell phone.

This piece was created not only to pay homage to George Floyd on the 1 year anniversary of his murder but to continue to use music as a force for good, bringing people together, and to never accept the violence, hate, and division racism implores.

9:29 Credits: All lyrics written and performed by: Lady Sanity, Lloyd Luther, and Consensus Music composed by Alessandro La Barbera and Alex LoSardo Drums: David Mrakpor Bass and synth bass: Max Mella Saxophone and percussion: Rachael Cohen Guitars and Effects: Alessandro La Barbera and Alex LoSardo All audio and video production by the Park Studios in Wembley Audio: Tobin Jones and Alessandro La Barbera Video: Lucas Mendes and Jay Jones

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