Plan B talks to Love Music Hate Racism.

Plan B talks to LMHR, as part of the #BeautifulResistance Campaign 2019
What music inspires you and why?
B – Angry music that ultimately comes from a good place
What makes music such a powerful tool in spreading goodness?
B –  Music unites people that would never usually mix with each other. The 90’s rave scene is a great example of this. Music can literally change everything.
What advice would you have given to the younger you that you would pass on, to the next generation now?
B – When unexpected things happen that are beyond your control, accept them as quickly possible and find a way to adapt to the chaos and make it work in your favour.
Why does this campaign matter to you?
B –  I am a multicultural white Londoner. I am not from a predominantly white area. I am from Newham. The most multicultural place in the world. I feel at home around a multitude of different cultures and struggle in environments where a mono experience of life is the only thing that is accessible, therefore I know the benefits of being immersed in other cultures and the pitfalls of only subscribing to one. Especially when that one, is a narrow viewpoint, laden with ignorance and prejudice.

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