Sunday 27 August: LMHR float at Notting Hill Carnival 

Love Music Hate Racism in partnership with Smokey Joe Roadshow will be having a float at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival on 27th-28th August. The float is being sponsored by the Rail and Maritime Transport (RMT) and a number of local trade union branches.
The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the biggest street festivals in the world and is an important celebration of diversity and anti racism. The first carnival was held in St Pancras Town Hall in 1959 in response to widespread racist attacks and the Notting Hill riots. Trinidadian Claudia Jones known by many as “the mother of the Notting Hill Carnival” organised the event to bring communities together.
The carnival has been taking place in Notting Hill since 1966. It remains an important display of multiculturalism and unity at a time when tackling racism and scapegoating remain a key challenge for society. The shared music, dance and celebration of carnival is a reminder that there is more that unites us than divides us.
The carnival is attended by over two million people over the bank holiday weekend and is a great audience for love music hate racism’s positive message of unity. Come and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere on the day and help promote LMHR by joining our float procession. This year’s carnival will pay a respectful tribute to the tragic loss of life at Grenfell tower last month.
If you are interested in joining LMHR’s t-shirt procession on Sunday 27th August or being part of SJR full costume masqueraders on Monday 28th August then message us or email [email protected]om for details on how you can register.